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I had fun last night although Bar Sinister was much less crowded.

LADead posted some images from when we attended Ruin Hollywood on October 30th:

Syndel Chaos and Lacy Valentine.

And a creepy looking one of me.

New spooky contacts!:)

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I highly approve of the contacts!

..all the better to eat you with.

But 'creepy' in a good way!

I know I've said this before, but you have such an exotic, amazing look - you look like a living doll, or some sort of alien. The ladies with you are lovely, but you're out of this world, doll. ;)

(Deleted comment)
I clearly live on the *wrong* side of the continent.

you look bad ass as usual. Do you have a special place you bought your circle contacts? I've been interested in the Geo Nudy Grey ones. Those Korean contact places just look so shady.

Hello beautiful,I just made this new account and I was hoping if you can add me back (Rosiodelluvia)

Ooo... definately loving that creepy one >:)

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