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Burning Man
This Sunday night I leave for Burning Man. It will be my first and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ve done many months research on sunscreen, attire and such for my seven days in the desert under extreme conditions so I feel I'm at least  physically prepared for this endeavor.

Will post some pictures here sometime afterwards.

Second shoot with Darla Teagarden - July 2010
I had the honor of working with Darla Teagarden a second time, the results:

(Shishi-Gami) "The Mourning Cage"

(Shishi-Gami) "Thaumatrope Prophecy"


Photographer: Darla Teagarden
Hair/MUA : Darla Teagarden
Dress: Christine Hall
Model: Wednesday Mourning

Nothing had been edited into this image, Darla made everything herself...including sculpting the dozens of mushrooms!

Her notes: "I used a damaged violin with wire and crystals with *Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one* gouged into it..... it's been my motto over the last 3 years and also since we are talking shishi-gami, it's a nod to nature and how it "finds a way" ....lets hope."

I'm very proud to have worked with such a talented artist! :)

Blond Eyebrows
 I had a shoot last weekend where they bleached my eyebrows blond. I was given the option of having them dye them back but I declined as actually kind of like them. I'm on the fence about it though. I do plan to go snow white with them instead of blond if I keep them.


Final promo shot for Sanrio
Final Promo Shot for Sanrio from the Hello Kitty 35th anniversary fashion show last November. 

Wardobe: Pink Macaroon
Model: Wednesday Mourning

Rumor is that a book will come of this. * shrugs*

And now for an amusing Gif...Collapse )

Hungover Time
 Ninja's vs Pirates party last night...now I'm all:

Will post drunken ninja pics soon :)

Sleeping Beauty at the Vortex

This looks interesting "Sleeping Beauty" at the Vortex.

"While this production is not designed for children (scary faeries), we welcome audiences of all ages . This is not your mama’s faery tale."

They had me at scary faeries....

Definitely Looking Forward to this..
Monday, April 19, 2010 LES CLAYPOOL W/ BEATS ANTIQUE @ Stubbs

Beats Antique Youtube video

Austin Event...
I'm loving Austin! So much to do here, especially now that we are entering SXSW

Tonight I will be modeling in "Visions" at the Mohawk @ 8pm. A multimedia event combining cutting-edge, live, digital and traditional art performances from top film, video game and classically trained artists in the art world.

Youtube video of the one in Seattle (cameo by Brom...squee!) : Massive Black and ConceptArt.Org REVELATIONS

I've never been involved in something like this, I'm very excited!:)

New Years Eve in Los Angeles
Need to choose what to do for NYE, the choices are:

Bar Sinister’s Black and White Fetish Ball
Ms Kitty’s 2010: A Space Sex Odyssey
LADEAD’s “Vendetta” 1920's Prohibition NYE

My LA friends, where are yall going? Which if these would gather the biggest crowd? Feedback please! :)

I had fun last night although Bar Sinister was much less crowded.

LADead posted some images from when we attended Ruin Hollywood on October 30th:

Syndel Chaos and Lacy Valentine.

And a creepy looking one of me.

And a creepy looking one of me...Collapse )