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Putting Out Fire With Gasoline...

Saw Inglourious Basterds last night and loved it. Watching the audience squirm over the gory parts and unexpectedly hearing my favorite Bowie song* were the highlights of the evening. *Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

I'm posting the youtube video for the song, I don’t care to much for the montage:

I have the Cat People soundtrack on vinyl and it sounds better with the static of a record. :)

Side Note: I have some bizarre crush on Eli Roth/"The Bear Jew" in this. Odd.

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thank you! I was wondering what song that was. It works perfectly in the film.

Your Welcome! It's one of his lesser known songs, he created it just for Cat People so I was suprised to see it used here. It fits very well, but she needed green eyes in my opinion:)

perhaps the green eyes of of jealousy became geen eyes of hate in this movie

oh.... deep, I like it! :)

haven't you done a shoot where you're up in a tree with an impossible dress like this??


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