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Definitely Looking Forward to this..
Monday, April 19, 2010 LES CLAYPOOL W/ BEATS ANTIQUE @ Stubbs

Beats Antique Youtube video

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I just discovered Beats Antique last week and I love them so much their songs have been dominating my itouch. Also has inspired me to take tribal bellydance this summer too

awesome! I'm still finding some of the songs hit or miss...but the ones I like...I REALLY like. ha!

March 19th, not April 19th ~ you lucky duck ;)

How's this for weird...they are playing both dates. One is for SXSW and they only go one for an hour from 12:30am to 1:30am but the show is free. The other on April is a full show/non free. Austin can be weird like that :)

OH! It would be awesome if you can visit for that April show:)

Austin being weird is one of its best assets!

I'd love to (especially since my birthday's the 13th), but will be visiting with my brother right before then and all travelled out that week. My thinking cap is on for sometime this year though ~ we'll make it happen :)

Thanks for new tunes to listen to!

Hmm, with a fondness for them one would think you'd be going to see similar bands the big music fest in Oregon this summer, eh?

My goth I could see you doing that beautiful one

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