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Second shoot with Darla Teagarden - July 2010
I had the honor of working with Darla Teagarden a second time, the results:

(Shishi-Gami) "The Mourning Cage"

(Shishi-Gami) "Thaumatrope Prophecy"


Photographer: Darla Teagarden
Hair/MUA : Darla Teagarden
Dress: Christine Hall
Model: Wednesday Mourning

Nothing had been edited into this image, Darla made everything herself...including sculpting the dozens of mushrooms!

Her notes: "I used a damaged violin with wire and crystals with *Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one* gouged into it..... it's been my motto over the last 3 years and also since we are talking shishi-gami, it's a nod to nature and how it "finds a way" ....lets hope."

I'm very proud to have worked with such a talented artist! :)

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This is so beautiful! The attention to detail is amazing. And yes that is one of my favourite Latin phrases attributed to Hannibal (not the guy who ate people or the A-team, but the one with the elephants).

I love how you clarified which Hannibal! Ha! Thank you! I'm glad you like it, Darla's just dripping with creativity I'm so happy she decided to use me again!:)

That's because Darla has good taste, and not in that Hannibal #1 way. ;p

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