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Second shoot with Darla Teagarden - July 2010
I had the honor of working with Darla Teagarden a second time, the results:

(Shishi-Gami) "The Mourning Cage"

(Shishi-Gami) "Thaumatrope Prophecy"


Photographer: Darla Teagarden
Hair/MUA : Darla Teagarden
Dress: Christine Hall
Model: Wednesday Mourning

Nothing had been edited into this image, Darla made everything herself...including sculpting the dozens of mushrooms!

Her notes: "I used a damaged violin with wire and crystals with *Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one* gouged into it..... it's been my motto over the last 3 years and also since we are talking shishi-gami, it's a nod to nature and how it "finds a way" ....lets hope."

I'm very proud to have worked with such a talented artist! :)

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That's because Darla has good taste, and not in that Hannibal #1 way. ;p

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